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Survival Stove Mini

Survival Stove Classic

How to Use the Survival Stove

What happens when you are caught in a disaster and have no way to prepare food or get access to safe drinking water. For times when you may have to provide for yourself for days, weeks, months or even years! What if you have to leave your home and survive in the wild. It's impossible to store enough fuel to use conventional stoves. Even wood may become scarce in emergency situations. With Survival Stove there's no need to worry about finding fuel for cooking and for purifying water. With Survival Stove you can cook an entire meal with a minimum of fuel. You can use anything that will burn including twigs, dried plants, sticks, charcoal, scrap lumber. Anything that's handy!

Survival Stove is made 100% in the USA. It's made the way things used to be made...To Last! Tough wooden containers are available for the Survival Stove Classic. It can be stored and put into use with no prior preparation. Just pull it off the shelf, load it up and go. No need to worry about carrying or storing fuel.

Survival Stove is not only great in times of emergency, it's perfect for a family outing or campout. There's no cleaning needed. It stores in it's own container. No need to pack a separate stand. Just take the stove out of it's box, put the lid back on the box, place the stove on the box and you're ready to go. No need to pump white gas. No need to pour fuel. Just get some twigs, light a match and that's it.

Survival Stove is built not just to last, but to survive for as long as you need it.  That's the Survival Stove difference.